Monday, September 27, 2010

High School Seniors - Alecia

I love photographing milestones and High School Senior Portraits are so much fun. It is so nice to see a young person excited about their future. They have so many possibilities. Alecia and her Mom met me for a consultation which really helps me in planning a photo session. She surfs so I wanted to incorporate her love of surfing in to some of the photos. We decided to do a combination of urban & beach. Alecia's Mother wrote to me after viewing the proofs, "There are so many beautiful shots".

I love using brick walls & colored walls for fab backdrops. Hand placement is so important in photographs. I really work on creating a different look. I encourage the seniors to bring favorite jewelry and clothes. Alecia had 3 wardrobe changes.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Baby Photography - Adorable Cianna

These are the photos from my shoot with adorable Cianna for my new baby video, a sweet shoot with me talking about my craft and feedback from Cianna's Mom (their second shoot with me as Cianna is on my Baby Plan). The video is a rare behind the scenes look of the artist in action.

One of my favorite images of Cianna. I had these long strand pearls, flower headband and Cianna's Mother, Jane brought Cianna's vest & pearl bracelet for the shoot. A very chic baby!
I love when Mothers bring in things that belong to the baby like these angel wings, tutu and headband. I do have lots of tutus, decorative headbands but it is more special if these are part of the baby's life.

Cianna's beautiful Mother, Jane!


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Weddings - Christie & R.J.

Ben (my biz partner for weddings) and I were hired by Christie & R.J. in the fall of 2008 to photograph their wedding in 2010. We photographed their engagement in the summer of 2009. Weddings take a lot of planning from start to finish. Here are some of my favorite images from Christie & R.J's wedding.

I love the Bride getting ready. It's so special.

One of my favorite images of Christie. She got ready at an Aunt's home in Laguna Beach. They had the most amazing staircase.

Ben took all the photos of the Groom while I did all the Bride's photos. Love this image of R.J. very GQ.

Fisheye lens. Awesome shot!

The flowers were gorgeous which makes for great photos!

The Flower Girl was so adorable.

Beautiful grounds at the church. The light was very soft which is perfect for wedding photos.

One of my favorites that Ben took! Taken low to the ground. I turned it to black and white.

Christie & R.J. got married in Laguna Beach @ St. Catherine of Siena Church. We went the week of the wedding to check out the light. When I was standing in front of the church, I knew we had to take a photograph of them on the balcony.

Great Image of the Bride sitting in a classic Buick! I put a special filter on it to make the photo more dreamy.

We had about 15 minutes to take these photos at Aliso Beach Park in South Laguna.

Fun shot of the Bride & Groom sitting on a Life Guard stand.

Tender moment between the Bride & her dad. Love this image!