Thursday, August 26, 2010

Children Photography - Danica

I had such a delightful time photographing beautiful & very sweet Danica. Her parents were so wonderful and helpful during the shoot. They loved the photographs I took of Danica. The above image is one of my favorites from the shoot. Her Mother ordered a wall portrait of this image. Danica’s Mother passed along a very nice compliment, “When I took Danica’s big picture to have it framed on Saturday, the woman who works at Aaron Brothers (and who apparently has worked there for quite some time) said she was really impressed with your portraits. She said she kind of measures a photographer by what she can do with a child and she thought the photographs were beautiful”.

Love Danica's smile.

I always find out what the child is wearing. I knew Danica would have a white dress so I brought some angels wings for her shoot. Danica's mother, ordered the above for her desk because Danica is her little angel.

I really love photographing children when they're running. Very carefree


Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kathryn LeBoye Photography - Photographing a Family

Here it is my family video. I'm so thrilled by it. I wanted to show potential clients what a family shoot is like with me. My style, why I love photographing a family and what family means to me. Thank you Aha Image Studio for creating the type of video that gives me a warm fuzzy feeling when I watch it. I showed it to one potential client and she got teary eyed (of course she was seven months pregnant!).

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Stunning .....Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach is my favorite place to photograph my beach shoots. I used to live in Laguna near Victoria Beach for three years. I have some of the best memories, listening to the sound of the surf as I would fall asleep, longs walks, picnics, fab sunsets. I'm always happy to spend time there. This series of photos are a Mother and daughter. It was a fun shoot. The Mother is vibrant and very young. Lovely light, too! A lit bit over cast, nice soft box.

There are four beaches in Laguna I shoot on. This is one of my favorites because of the wooden stairs. They're the perfect backdrop. Looks really great when the client wears white.

Love doing close ups.

One of my favorites. Like the composition. I did pose her for this one. I wanted a relax look that looked candid.

One of the client's favorite. The Mother wrote to me about this image, I think the shot of Hailey and I walking away from you is one i want to make a big portrait out of, something about that one just touches my heart! I love all these pics, but as I said SOMETHING in that shot just calls to me! Beautifull work Kathryn. I am WOWED!!! That made me very happy.