Monday, November 24, 2008

Mika & Tom

Amanda Thomas, the Catering Sales Manager at the incredible Renaissance ClubSport Hotel in Aliso Viejo (yes, we have a hotel in my city), recommended Mika and Tom to us. Tom met Mika in Japan and fell in love. While waiting for a visa for Mika, they started planning their wedding. This would be our first wedding at the Renaissance, and we were very excited. As soon as Mika arrived here, we immediately did their engagement shoot. We really like doing the engagement shoots since it helps us to get better acquainted with the couple prior to the wedding. Mika is not only beautiful but very animated. Tom's face beams every time he looks @ his beloved which makes for great photographs and a fun shoot. The Renaissance as you can see has many fabulous backdrops…we love the wall of water, the lobby @ the Renaissance, the outdoor patio with fabulous lanterns, it is a good fit for a modern wedding.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Children Photography

Here are some more photographs of Julia along with her brother and sister, Ryan & Jenna. I really liked the sweaters they’re wearing for this shoot, great oatmeal color and fabulous buttons, very autumn like. The day of the shoot, it was an unusually hot November day but they were good sports not complaining. I got some great candid and posed photographs of each of them.


Sunday, November 16, 2008


Taking children photographs, I try to get a whole range of emotions, a child’s smile or laugh can melt hearts but sometimes a soft look like this image of Julia can stir the same emotional connection.


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Baby Lily

The most exciting news for me is that my baby photographs are going to be wall art up in the new birthing center, Community Alliance for Birth Options, that will be opening up in Laguna Hills this December and they will be promoting me to expectant Mothers. I met B.J., Michelle and Angelica (mid-wives) this past August at the Parenting and Kid Expo. We were both exhibitors and right next to each other. What incredible ladies, very loving and caring. Michelle is the Mother of Baby Lily (the baby in these photographs). I had the pleasure of photographing Lily. It was one of those dream shoots, Lily was all smiles throughout. Michelle was so great at getting Lily to smile. Last night, Michelle called me to tell me how much she and her husband loved Lily’s photographs. She said that her husband had tears in his eyes when he looked at Lily’s photographs. To emotionally move another person through my photography is the ultimate compliment and the best reward I could ever dream of!


Friday, November 7, 2008

Claudia @ Four Months

I’m documenting Claudia’s pregnancy. She is four months pregnant in these photographs, and I will take photographs again of her at six months then at eight months. This is Claudia’s first baby and she is very excited. She just recently moved from Switzerland but has lived in California before. Since, I have been to Switzerland, it was nice talking to Claudia about her lovely country, and just spending a pleasant afternoon taking photographs of such a vibrant woman. My particular favorite image is the one of her sitting crossed legged, looking down at a leaf with the striking clouds in the background. BTW, all photographers love clouds they make for some incredible backdrops…. It is not often in California we get clouds.. When I see them, I’m thrilled…..


Saturday, November 1, 2008

America the Beautiful

Isaac’s Mom is named America, and she is very beautiful. I met her at the Parenting & Kid Expo back in August when she was pregnant with Isaac. She is now on my Baby Plan for the entire first year of Isaac’s life. I really like the experience of photographing a baby during the first year because of all the changes I capture. Next shoot with Isaac will be when he is able to hold his head up.