Friday, July 29, 2011

Family Photography - Moment to Memory

This is my fourth photo shoot with adorable Cianna. One of the best things about being a portrait artist is that I get to watch these kids grow up. It’s like watching a caterpillar turn in to a beautiful butterfly. I’m in awe at the many changes.

Cianna was in my baby video along with Cianna' Mommy. It has almost been a year since we did the video and you can see the changes in Cianna. Children are only tiny for a VERY short time so I like to focus on preserving parent’s memories of their child before they grow up. . . it happens sooner than you know!

I love photographing parent's & the children feet together because it help establish a perspective, and size. Cianna's feet will never be this tiny ever again.

You can see the love in Cianna's Mommy's face as she looks with admiration at her husband. A magical moment.

We did several outfit changes during the shoot for Cianna. Cianna's Mommy had some favorite clothes that she wanted in the photographs.