Thursday, February 19, 2009

Zenia Drosou Photographer from Greece

I am fortunate to have a talented photographer assist me on this maternity shoot. Her name is Zenia Drosou, and she is from Greece. Zenia comes from a family of photographers, her Grandfather, Dad and Brother. They have a business in Crete and specialize in weddings. We met for lunch one day, and I was blown away by Zenia’s portfolio. Not only does she shoot wedding but she has photographed a lot of high fashion. I was excited that we would be doing some shoots together. Here is a combination of our images from this shoot. I particularly like Zenia’s image of the father and daughter with the mother in the background. That is wonderful candid moment. My favorite photo that I took is the one of the little girl hugging her Mom’s tummy. The light was beautiful at the park and just really enhanced our images.

This Sunday, Zenia and I are photographing a family and then next week a newborn. I am going to be so spoiled having an assistant that I will miss Zenia when she goes back home in April


Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photographer @ Work!

Here I am @ work photographing two beautiful girls. It is fun for me to see photos of me in action. Today, I delivered the girl's photos. That is one of my favorite parts of my job is for the client to see the end results. These photographs were printed on metallic paper which enhanced their gorgeous blond hair. They loved their photographs and that made me very happy.


Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Claudia @ Seven Months

What I love about my job are the friends I make during my journey as a photographer. I have been documenting Claudia’s pregnancy (see my blog entry for November 7, 2008), and we had a lot of fun along the way doing shoots at her home, park and beach. Here are some of my favorite images from last week’s shoot. I particularly like the one of her looking at the American Baby Magazine. I saw the magazine in her kitchen and popped it in the shoot.

After shooting at her home, we went for a sunset shoot @ Moss Point which holds special memories for Claudia as she used to live within walking distance.

The baby is due in April and we do not know if it will be a boy or girl. Stay tune until spring time when I do the newborn shoot.